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Barrier Free showers

Did you know that more seniors are injured in bathrooms than any other room in the house? The combination of slick floors, wet surfaces and unsteady movement can lead to a serious fall and injury.

Your friends at Carolina Home Mods want to remind you that with a little planning and awareness your bathroom can be safe and comfortable. Carolina Home Mods has over 50 models of bathing units and accessories specifically designed for bathroom safety and remodeling.

If it’s time to replace that dangerous old bath tub with either a new Escape walk-in bath tub or accessible shower, we offer the best and safest bathing systems available.

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Barrier Free Bathtubs

Best Bath Systems line of innovative walk-in tubs are designed for safe, soothing, and accessible bathing. Twice the depth of normal tubs, they have a comfortable contoured seat, a grab bar, and a non-skid floor. Therapeutic jetted tubs are available, along with optional tub surround to fit seamlessly into your current bathroom surround area.