Our factory trained technicians are qualified to install stairlifts, vertical and inclined platform( wheelchair) lifts, dumbwaiters, residential and LU/LA elevators, aluminum ramps and ceiling track lifts.

Preventative Maintenance
Most durable medical equipment should receive regular maintenance. Most manufacturers specify either 6 month or annual maintenance. Our office will send reminders when it’s time to schedule your preventative maintenance service.

We stock the items most often requiring replacement, like batteries and cables, so you don’t have to wait forever to get your equipment up and running again. We also provide service and maintenance for equipment that we did not install. Our service technicians are available Monday through Thursday. Emergencies get first priority.

When it comes to knowing the right solution for a particular challenge, our staff has a wealth of information and experience to draw upon. They will do a site visit to understand your accessibility issues, take measurements and determine what equipment would best serve your needs and budget. Site visits are free of charge.